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Security is a top concern in computing environments. Intrusion protection and detection of servers and networks is common place in large data centers, But, malicious threats from outside are only part of the issue in security. Information assurance and compliance are duties recognized in information system operations. Continuity planning and disaster recovery are all part of the security policy. With increased use of mobile applications, there are new concerns.

If you are interested in this career focus, you might want to pursue the Information Assurance and Cyber Defense Specialization, which provides a designation on your diploma and transcript that you studied courses specific to these topics.

Courses offered in the information security career focus:


Course Number Title Description
MSCS 5290 Real-Time and Embedded Systems Focuses on event-driven programming, real-time scheduling, and synchronization; worst-case execution time analysis and deadline analysis; real-time operating systems and real-time programming languages

MSCS 5300

Networks and Internets

Networking and networking standards and protocols, layered architecture of networks..

MSCS 5369 Computer Security Fundamentals of computer security, including cryptography, access control, security policy models, attacks, surveillance, privacy, and forensics

MSCS 6355

Mobile Computing

Fundamentals including mobility management, mobile data management, context awareness, wireless and ubiquitous computing.

MSCS 6360

Enterprise Architecture

Highly distributed systems with secure transactions. Managing the life cycle of data and components.

MSCS 6931 or

INTE 6156 or

EECE 5840

MSCS Topics: Security/
Privacy and Security/
Computer Security

Covers safeguards, risk management, data tampering, authentication, encryption, digital signatures, and authorizations. Covers intrusion detection and prevention, ethical issues and cryptology

MSCS 6931 MSCS Topics: Principles of Service Management and System Administration ITIL framework for service management, security services, and governing principles for system administration tasks and responsibilities. Includes lab exercises to set up, harden, and monitor services on a virtual server.

INTE 6150

Information Technology Strategy

Information flow, governance, exploiting information to support the business.



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