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Founded to Enable Career Change

Founded in 2001, the Master of Science in Computing program quickly established and continues to maintain an outstanding track record of enabling students who were non-computer science undergraduates to enjoy strong computing careers.

Broadened to Enable Career Advancement in Computer Science

Computing technology has evolved and become pervasive. A need has arisen to provide depth and breadth of knowledge about computer science and the management of technology to practicing professionals. The Computing program has answered the need. Practicing professionals use the program to broaden their scope of understanding, to establish their credentials, and to enable them to successfully handle the issues of emerging technology in their jobs. They have come to realize that technology does not stand still and if they rely only on their experiences, they could easily be left behind or pigeon-holed and limited in their options.

Choose a specialization or courses with a career focus

Specializations have required courses that cover the specific elements of theory and practice related to a knowledge area. Upon graduation, the specializations are featured in your transcript. A career focus is more flexible. Students choose from a wide variety of courses related to a knowledge area. There is no designation of your career focus on the diploma; a career focus is a guide for the selection of courses leading to a career path or goal. We offer two specializations and your choice of career focus.

Preparation for Leadership

Leaders throughout the computing industry are seeking professionals who not only understand the technology but who can act as innovators and advocates. If you are relying on knowledge of what you have been doing it is difficult to be innovative. Breadth and depth of knowledge foster leadership through the identification of creative opportunities and the confidence to pursue them. Our courses are designed to foster skills in the presentation of ideas. In many courses, open ended discussion topics are included in case studies to enhance advocacy skills.

Are you thinking about a career change or enhancing your knowledge?

Have you through circumstances of assignment and aptitude become deeply involved in computing technology? Have you discovered a passion to know more about computing? Do you feel the need to bolster your understanding of your specialization or other areas of computing? Are computer advances revolutionizing your field? Are you wondering how to adapt to the trends you see around you?

Building a Solid Foundation in Computer Science and Information Technology

We provide a broad and sound foundation in computer science, exposure to the latest thinking on the management of the technology, and knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for current students and alumni. A substantial and broad exposure to the fundamentals of computing technology can enhance personal and career growth. It can help you to keep your organization on track with technology advances. Knowledge of successful practices for managing computer technology can help you conduct current operations or prepare you to move into jobs with substantial responsibility in the computing field. In our program you will be exposed to a forum to debate the latest topics in the technology. You will become part of a cohort of students and a network of alums who understand the importance of knowledge sharing and advancement. You will have access to faculty with strong business experience and leading-edge research interests.


The curriculum has been designed to allow part-time graduate work for students engaged in full-time employment by continuing to schedule most graduate level courses in the evening. Recently, we have augmented the flexibility of the program with distance learning, online, and hybrid class formats. While intended to accommodate these part-time students, the program is entirely suitable for full-time graduate students. Rather than an advanced degree program studying only computer science, this is a high quality, professional degree program, with the primary aim of preparing students to be successful in pursuing long-term careers in the computing field.



Summer Research Experience

The Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science hosts a Summer Research Experience (REU) for Undergraduates. This program provides undergraduates with an intensive, faculty-mentored, summer research experience in the areas of applied mathematics, high-performance computing, statistics, ubiquitous systems and mathematics education. Learn more