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What is Pascal?

Pascal is the main computer system in the MSCS department. Pascal is running the Sun Solaris 9 operating system on an x86 architecture.

May I have an account on Pascal?

If you are enrolled in a course offered by the MSCS department, which requires access to Pascal, you will get an account on Pascal. Active majors and graduate students of the MSCS department are automatically eligible for accounts, as are students working on special projects for faculty members. You must have a valid Marquette University ID # to obtain an MSCS account.

How much space can I get for my Pascal account?

Graduate students, majors and special project accounts are allocated 50MB. Class accounts are allocated 10MB. Guest accounts are allocated 5MB.

What is the login name for my Pascal account?

Your login name will be from 2-8 characters and will be a combination of your first initial followed by as much of your last name as possible. Login names are created automatically and are not changeable at any time by any user. If you discontinue taking courses in the department and come back a couple semesters later, the login name activated at that future time will be the same as the one you used in the past.

What is the password for my Pascal account?

The default password for your MSCS account is the 8 digit form of your MUID#, omitting the hyphens. You should change your password immediately when you first time log into your account.

How can I change the password for my Pascal account?

You need to think of a good password that cannot be easily generated by a hacker trying to break into our system. You should pick a password that you can remember and that is at least 6 characters long (8 or more is preferable), contains both letters and digits, and does not contain recognizable words. Your account will be locked if our password guessing software is able to generate your password.

The recommended way to change your password is through your My MSCS portal. Direct your browser to, log into your account and click on "MSCS Password."

I forgot my password for my Pascal account, what should I do?

Please fill out a Computer Support Request slip. You can get the slip online or get one from the main office at CU 340. The system administrator will reset the password for you and you will be contacted via email or phone when the problem has been resolved.

When will my class account be available?

Class accounts are made available during the first week of the semester for which the students is enrolled. A list of account logins is given to each instructor that requests accounts made available for his or her class.

What should I do if I have a problem with my Pascal account?

To report a problem with your Pascal account, machine, or other MSCS computing resource, please fill out a Computer Support Request slip. You can get the slip onlinePDF Icon or get one from the main office at CU 340. Your request will be worked on in a timely manner, and you will be contacted via email or phone when the problem has been resolved.

Last semester I could log into my MSCS account, but now I cannot, what should I do?

If you are a student in MSCS department or you are taking classes that require access to Pascal, please fill out a Computer Support Request slip. Your account is valid for the entire dura class enrollment. The directory contents of terminated student accounts are kept for two non-enrolled terms, after which time they are purged to clean system resources. It is the student’s responsibility to move any data he wishes to keep to an offsite machine before the account is deactivated.



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