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What is the feature of WebMail in MSCS?

Webmail system of our department is built upon SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which improves the security of the communication. Before using it, the user has to accept a certificate which indicates that user trusts the website, then data in the following session would be encrypted.

How to access the webmail directly when I use it first time

  1. Type in or, a Website Certified by an Unknown Authority window would appear.

    Website certified

  2. Check option Accept this certificate permanently for future convenience. If your machine has some restriction on the installation of certificate, check the option Accept this certificate temporarily for this session. (we recommend installation of the certificate since the future application would be based on the certificate).

How to install certificate on Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click on the Certificate on the right. CA Certificate
    The Downloading Certificate window would appear.

    Download Certificate

  2. Check the first Option Trust this CA to identify websites, then Click OK
  3. Type in or, the login page should appear.

How to install certificate on Microsoft Internet Explorer

  1. Download the certificate on the right. CA Certificate
  2. Double click on the certificate. The certificate window should appear.


  3. In the tab General, click Install Certificate, then click Next in Welcome window. The Certificate Store window should appear.

    Import Wizard

  4. Check the option Place all certificates in the following store, then click browse. The Select Certificate Store window should appear.

    Select Certificate Store

  5. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities, then click OK.
  6. After being back to the Certificate Store window, click Next, the following window would appear.

    Certificate Import Wizard

  7. Click Finish. If a Security Warning window appears, click Yes. The following window should appear. Then click OK.

  8. Type in or, the login page should appear.



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