The Next Step for admitted freshmen

Marquette Card

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May 1: Tuition and housing
deposit form

July 1: Health information forms

July 1: Final official high school transcript

Transfer students:

June 1: Tuition and housing deposit form

July 1: Health information forms

Your Passport to Life at Marquette

It’s your Marquette ID. It’s an access pass to the libraries, rec centers and computer labs. It’s a way to pay the Domino’s Pizza guy (really!). It’s your Marquette Card, and it’s an essential tool for campus survival.

Rec Centers

All students receive free membership to Marquette’s top-notch recreation centers, located at each end of campus. Your Marquette Card gets you in.

Residence Halls and Meal Plan

Show your Marquette Card at the front desk of your residence hall for access to your building. (It’s an important safety feature.) Your meal plan also resides on your Marquette Card.


Besides allowing you to check into the libraries, your Marquette Card lets you check books out when you leave. The bar code on your card also allows you to log into the libraries’ special research databases on and off campus.


Your Marquette Card comes fully loaded with $28 ($14 each semester) worth of laser printing on the university's computer lab printers — that's 400 black and whites. If your account runs dry, your print charges will be automatically deducted from your MarquetteCASH account. The non-transferable allocation is renewed automatically at the beginning of every academic semester.

Next Step

Students who attend Preview can have their picture taken during their visit, and their Marquette Card will be available for pick up at New Student Orientation.

All remaining students will have their picture taken at New Student Orientation or during the first week of classes.


Don’t have exact change (or any change, for that matter)? No problem. Your Marquette Card includes a prepaid, stored-value account, kind of like a debit card. When you deposit money into MarquetteCASH on your Marquette Card, you have access to these locations.

You can make a deposit into your MarquetteCASH account in a number of ways, including online or by phone at (414) 288-2273. You also can deposit in person at Marquette Central, residence hall stores, Union Station or value transfer stations throughout campus.