WNRP-I Program Model and Outcomes

Phase I

This is what nurse residents have said about the Wisconsin Nurse Residency Program:

"The nurse residency program is a wonderful program! It has given me encouragement and strength. It helps to know you are not alone in this field. The stories we share in our monthly meetings really help me to get through some of the difficult situations I face in my career."

"This program offers a structured foundation that relieves the anxiety and pressure of the first year out of nursing school. My nursing school experience felt like such a flyover of material so I really appreciate the system-by-system overview that the nurse residency program offers. Because of the program, I never feel like the odd man out on the floor."

"The residency program has helped me gain confidence in my nursing practice. I have improved my assessment skills and advanced my ability to critically think. I have enjoyed the opportunity to network with other nursing professionals."

"Sharing all my experiences and hearing other nurse residents share theirs has helped me realize that I am not alone. It helps me take one step at a time to better master the essential skills I need to be a professional nurse. "



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