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Time Warner Cable and Internet discount program

Marquette and Time Warner Cable partnered to provide students with a discount on basic cable and Internet services. All Marquette student are eligible to receive the Internet discount of $34 per month. The following addresses are eligible for the cable and Internet discount of $48 per month:

Renee Row:
910 N. 17th St., 916 N. 17th St., 920 N. 17th St., 924 N. 17th St., 928 N. 17th St., 934 N. 17th St., 1608 W. Kilbourn Ave., 1614 W. Kilbourn Ave., 1618 W. Kilbourn Ave., 927 N. Renee St., 929 N. Renee St.
The Abode:
831 N. 16th St.
The Ardmore:
711 N. 16th St.
The Sovereign:
1810 W. Wisconsin Ave.
846-848 N. 14th St.

Download the Time Warner Cable student application here.

If you wish to cancel your discounted service, you must submit a cancellation form.

For more information see below or to apply for the discount, visit Union Station, AMU 158, or email the service application to Rick Arcuri. Emails must be send from your official Marquette University email account.

What is Road Runner?

Road Runner for Marquette is a non-wireless 15mbps basic high-speed online service delivered over Time Warner Cable's lines. For more information about Road Runner, visit the Road Runner Help site.

How much does Road Runner cost through Marquette?

There is no installation charge or hidden fees for Road Runner through Marquette. You will never receive a bill from Time Warner for your Road Runner. Each Semester you will see a one-time charge placed on your Bursar account for the cost of internet for that semester.

  • Fall Semester- 4.5 Months (Aug.16th- Dec. 31st) $153.00
  • Spring Semester-5 Months (Jan. 1st-May 31st) $170.00
  • Summer Semester- 2.5 months (June 1st- Aug. 15th) $85.00

Please keep in mind that this service is prorated so you only pay for what you receive. This may make your semester charges less based on when you were installed. Stop in at Union Station in the AMU if you have questions regarding the program.

How much does the cable and Road Runner package cost?

If your address qualifies for the cable and Road Runner discount you are eligible to receive basic cable (not digital) and basic Road Runner (7mp/s). Each Semester you will see a one-time charge placed on your Bursar account for the cost of cable and Road Runner for that semester.

  • Fall Sem.- 4.5 Months (Aug.16th- Dec. 31st) $216.00
  • Spring Sem.-5 Months (Jan. 1st-May 31st) $240.00
  • Summer Sem.- 2.5 months (June 1st- Aug. 15th) $120.00

Please keep in mind that this service is prorated so you only pay for what you receive. This may make your semester charges less based on when you were installed. Stop in at Union Station in the AMU if you have questions regarding the program.

What if my address only qualifies for the Road Runner discount? Am I still able to receive cable?

Yes, students that are only eligible for the MU Road Runner discount would call Time Warner directly to sign up for Cable services. Please keep in mind that Marquette University’s intention is to provide a benefit to students, and even though our Road Runner discounted rate is the lowest for an extended length or service Time Warner Cable will offer promotions or discounts on services that are bundled. It is important to check with Time Warner Cable to see if a bundle through Time Warner Cable would be cheaper than splitting the Road Runner through Marquette and cable through Time Warner. Important things to know when calling Time Warner for a price comparison.

  • MU Road Runner is 7mps for $34/ month
  • Ask how much basic cable is alone.
  • Ask how much a bundle of basic internet and cable cost.

Through knowing the answers to the above questions a simple calculation will allow for you to make the most cost effective decision.

Ex. Time Warner reports $50 per month for cable. You now know that you would pay Time Warner Cable $50(plus tax and fees a month) add that to the already known cost of Marquette Road Runner discount of $34/month making your total bill $84.00/month ( plus taxes and fees from TWC). You then ask if they are running any promotions right now on cable and internet packages. Time Warner then reports they are offering a 6 month promotion for $50/month for cable and $19.99 for internet ( plus taxes and fees) this would make your monthly cable and internet bill $69.99/month (plus taxes and fees) if you went directly with Time Warner. Following this example you will be able to find the best deal for you.

(Please note the numbers used for TWC above are not accurate and are used only for the purpose of this example. Call Time Warner directly for the actual rates.


I already have Time Warner Services Can I transfer to the Marquette discount?

Yes. Just indicate that you are a current Road Runner subscriber on the Marquette University Application. Please keep in mind that the Marquette discount is for the non-wireless 7mbs speed and will not be applicable to any current wireless or Turbo subscription, and may affect the cost of any other services you have with Time Warner. Please make sure you call Time Warner Cable directly to see how switching to the Marquette discount will affect your current services.

I filled out the Application. Now what?

Time Warner will email your scheduled installation date and time within ten business days to your Marquette email account. Installation is included in the monthly cost, as is the cable modem rental. The Marquette discount is through Time Warner Business class, which means subscribers will be unable to attain information regarding discounted services through TWC directly. Time Warner Cable Business Class and Time Warner Cable Residential are two separate entities and in calling TWC Residential for information regarding your business class services will result in inaccurate information or numerous transfers. Please call Union Station at 288-2273 with questions regarding installation, billing and cancellation.

Do I have to have cable from Time Warner to get Road Runner?

No. You can purchase Road Runner service without any cable service. If you currently have cable from Time Warner or plan to get it, that bill will be sent from Time Warner and all questions and concerns will be handled by them.

What if I want more cable services than the MU cable discount allows (channels 1-99)?

Once you are installed through the Marquette discount you may request additional services directly through Time Warner Cable. Additional services include: digital cable boxes, premium channels, HD, DVR boxes and many more options. The cost of the additional services will be billed directly from Time Warner cable to the service address and are not in any way affiliated with Marquette.

What if I need wireless?

You may purchase your own wireless router (approx. cost $25-$30) and install yourself. Buying your own wireless router will save you significant money over time.


What should I do if I'm moving or transferring my account to a new name?

Complete the Transfer of Service Form and drop it off at Union Station.

How do I cancel?

Students may cancel their services within the first two weeks of a semester for a full refund. After two weeks you may still cancel, however you will not be eligible for a refund.


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