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Off-Campus Housing


When you start thinking about moving into an apartment, you'll realize there are a lot of items you'll need to buy, including furniture. Try to find a friend or relative looking to get rid of furniture, and check out garage sales, local thrift stores and furniture rental stores. But be careful if you don't know where the furniture comes from — it could be infested with pests like bedbugs, which are difficult to exterminate.

Marquette does not endorse or recommend any of the companies listed.

Furniture rental shops

Thrift stores

Brook Furniture Rental
805 N. Mayfair Road
(414) 771-1666

Cort/Instant Furniture Rental
161 S Gary Ave. Carol Stream, IL
(414) 817-8214

Lifestyle Furniture Rentals
1033 N. Old World 3rd St.
(414) 271-6906

RJ Meyer Furniture and Appliances
3727 W. Villard Ave.
(414) 464-2125

Speedy Rental
7800 W. Appleton Ave.
(414) 438-1600

Swingles Furniture Rental
1340 N. Sixth St.
(414) 276-6154

6941 S. 27th St.
(414) 304-1262

Hadassah Upscale Resale
6270 N. Port Washington Road
(414) 332-4801

Second Time Around, Marcia's
5928 S. 27th St.
(414) 282-4316

Salvation Army
7713 W. Greenfield Road
(414) 453-1267
1725 S. 13th St.
(414) 384-9992

Value Village
729 S. Layton Blvd.
(414) 383-5913
3100 E. Layton Ave.
(414) 486-1498
324 W. North Ave.
(414) 264-5320

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