International Student Ambassadors

At Marquette, we know that our current students are our most effective representatives. Our international student ambassadors listed below are available to answer your questions at any time. Feel free to email them your questions, or schedule a time to connect using Skype, Facebook, QQ or other social media platform.

If you would like to contact the admissions staff, visit our contact us page.



Student Photo of EvaEva Schons Rodrigues
Porto Alegre, Brazil
International Affairs & History with minor in Women's & Gender Studies; Class of 2018

I chose Marquette because it was the best choice for me! MU offered my major, has the urban location I was looking for, offers mostly small-sized classes and offered several resources to help me throughout my time here. I never visited, but as soon as I stepped on campus, I knew I was exactly where I belong.


Burkina Faso

Gildas Kabore
Burkina Faso
Accounting & Supply Chain Management; Class of 2018

I was looking for a university that would set me apart and when I found Marquette, the search was over. Today, Marquette allows me to Be The Difference and I'm so grateful. Here, we have great programs, great professors and so many activities to get involved in! 


Student photo of U HoiU Hoi Chao
Hong Kong, China
Biomedical Sciences & Psychology; Class of 2020

I initially chose Marquette because of the generous scholarships and the excellent health sciences department. Now I am truly glad I made that choice. I love the beautiful campus, the friendly professors, and the numerous clubs and activities. Marquette feels like my home away from home.


Student photo of CathyCathy Gong
Changsha, China
Finance & Accounting; Class of 2018

Marquette is full of opportunities for students to get involved in. There are great and helpful professors. It is a place to embrace students from all over the world and different cultures. Besides, Marquette has a downtown location to experience the urban lifestyle. Definitely choose Marquette and you will never regret it!


Student Photo of XiaodanXiaodan Wang
Shijiazhuang, China
Accounting and Information Technology; Class of 2018

Marquette, as a Catholic university, provides me with not only a rigorous academic environment but also various extracurricular activities. Here at Marquette you can always get help from professors and students whenever needed. Also, there are tons of opportunities waiting for students to get involved in at Marquette, such as  community service programs, networking events, and  student organizations. Marquette will always be the right choice for you.



Student Photo of HendrikMarco del Arca
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Civil Engineering; Class of 2017

I could not have chosen a better place than Marquette University to pursue my degree in Civil Engineering. Marquette completely embraces you and not only do you become part of it, but Marquette becomes part of you. The amount of opportunities that are available to you is amazing, and the people here become your family. "We Are Marquette" could not be a truer slogan.


Student Photo of DanielaDaniela Caceres
Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Undecided; Class of 2020

I chose Marquette because of what it has to offer. It has an amazing reputation, the education is one of the best in the country, and the community is unique. These are just some of the things  that I thought I would find here at Marquette, and my expectations have not only been met; they have been surpassed.



Student Photo of HyeonjiHyeonji Ku
Yeosu, Korea
Mechanical Engineering; Class of 2017

I really like Marquette and it is one of the best choices I have made! Professors are always willing to help you out. There are many extracurricular activities that you can join to have fun and to make friends. Marquette is also a city school so there are so many events you can experience. I am grateful to be part of Marquette community and looking forward to experiencing more.



Photo of Rebeca FloresRebeca Flores
Advertising; Class of 2020

The main reason why I chose Marquette was because of the people. Since I got here, students, as well as faculty and staff, have always been making me feel welcome. In this short time I have met incredible, driven, and caring people who are completely engaged with whatever they set their minds to.



Student photo of MaranathaMaranatha Ovbiagele
Benin City, Nigeria
Economics with minor in HR; Class of 2018

Marquette was the right decision for me, because it has really made me independent and observant. Some of the reasons why I really like Marquette is because of the institution's organization and because they have helped me build my networking skills.


United Arab Emirates

Student photo of RafiqRafiq Jaroor
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Accounting; Class of 2018

I decided to come to Marquette because it had everything I looked for in a university. Its academics, size, location, and culture have encouraged me to choose Marquette. Even though I had never been on its campus before, I knew on my first day that I would call Marquette home for the next four years.