So You Want To Use Animals at Marquette University:


Requirements for Review

The Marquette University Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) have requirements for protocol review. Please click here to review the requirementsPDF Graphic before a protocol is submitted.

Protocol Review Process for New Protocols


Hazardouse Chemical use in Animals

If your proposed animal protocol project intilizes any of the following you must complete Appendix J of the Animal Care and Use Protocol Form.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive. Contact Environmental Health and Safety for questions on proposed substances and their hazards.

Directions for Appendix J and standard SOPs

Marquette University Office of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) has generated (4) standard SOP’s for the most used hazardous chemical agents in the Animal Resource Center and the PI’s labs/research areas. If you plan on using any of the listed chemicals and will be using the standard SOP set by EHS please indicate this by checking the appropriate box.


If you will be modifying the standard SOP for your experiments, indicate this by checking the appropriate box.  The SOP will need to be adjusted and then sent to EHS for approval. The IACUC cannot approve the protocol until the adjusted SOP has been approved by the Director of EHS. 


If a hazardous chemical(s) will be utilized that is not listed below, check the “other/not listed” and provide the names of the chemicals in the blank table below and complete the Use of Hazardous Material in Animal Research Form for each chemical. The form will need to be sent to EHS for approval.  The IACUC cannot approve the protocol until the Hazardous Material form has been approved by the Director of EHS.




Schroeder Complex

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Research Compliance, in cooperation with and in support of the Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, Radiation Safety Committee, and Institutional Biosafety Committee, is to facilitate safe and ethical research conducted by Marquette faculty, staff and students in the areas of human subjects, animal subjects, radiation safety and biosafety.