Alcoholic Beverages Use And Consumption Policy

Alcohol Initiatives at Marquette

Marquette is committed to establishing a comprehensive program to prevent the unlawful use, possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol. The following information is provided in compliance with the Drug-free Schools and Communities Act.

The alcohol policy of Marquette is based on the central and fundamental educational focus of the university to create an environment that fosters learning. The university believes in personal responsibility, moral growth and development, awareness of communal consequences of personal choices, obligation of citizenship and responsible decision-making. Therefore, it is critical that Marquette students are committed to the physical and emotional well-being of members of the Marquette community. The university will not tolerate disregard for the law or behaviors and practices that counter the education of the whole person or inhibit rigorous scholarship. Consequently, the university does not condone underage drinking and considers intoxication, disorderliness or offensive behavior deriving from the use of alcoholic beverages to be unacceptable, regardless of a person’s age. The university will work to provide an environment that supports those who choose not to drink as well as those of legal age who choose to use responsibly.

To cultivate a campus environment with the stated goals and purposes of an educational institution, the university has adopted the following policies and procedures regarding alcohol use/misuse:

State, county, municipal laws and ordinances
Members of the university community are subject to all state, county and municipal laws or ordinances regulating the sale and use of alcoholic beverages, as well as the university regulations pertaining thereto. A person is expected to be responsible for his or her behavior at all time. Conduct that is in violation of the state, county and municipal laws or ordinances or the university regulations relating to the use of alcoholic beverages may involve the individual in student conduct procedures regardless of the action that may be taken by civil authorities. Changes in Wisconsin state law and/or in local ordinances may require changes to this policy.

Persons of legal drinking age
This policy acknowledges the fact that persons over the age of 21 may purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. Those who fall into this category are responsible for setting a positive example to all minors by discouraging alcohol-related behavior that is abusive to oneself or to others. For residents who are of legal drinking age, the individual’s use of alcoholic beverages is authorized in one’s room within the residence halls. See the Policy for Use of Alcoholic Beverages in the Residence Halls.

Sale or distribution
Alcoholic beverages may not be sold on campus except pursuant to appropriate policies and procedures. Systems for the sale and/or distribution of alcoholic beverages through the use of tickets, vouchers, assessment upon consumption or free distribution must be approved by the director of the Alumni Memorial Union and must be in accordance with business office procedures, space reservation and fundraising policies.

Unlawful behavior or misconduct
Intoxication and/or alcohol abuse is not permissible as an excuse for unlawful behavior or misconduct.

Acute intoxication
Acutely intoxicated students will not be left in the care of other students, including residence hall student staff. Students will be referred to appropriate health care facilities and/or law enforcement.

Prohibited use and exceptions
The consumption of alcohol outdoors on campus is not permitted. Exceptions may be made for restricted events where all of the parties will be of legal drinking age, upon the prior approval of the director of the Alumni Memorial Union and senior associate dean of student development.

Violations of the Alcohol Policy
Violations of the university alcohol policy are as follows:

Category A:

Category B:

Category C:

Category D:

Student Conduct Process
Students in alleged violation of the policy will be subject to the student conduct process. If during the conduct hearing sufficient information is provided for a finding of responsibility, the student conduct administrator will administer a brief alcohol screening. Based on the responses to the screening tool, students may be mandated to complete Brief Alcohol Screening and Intervention for College Students, an alcohol and drug assessment with the substance abuse counselor, or other educational outcome(s). Additional information regarding BASICS can be found at BASICS and alcohol assessments are not stand alone sanctions, but they supplement additional educational sanctions levied by the student conduct administrator.

Sanctions for Alcohol Policy Violations
Marquette has established clear and specific minimum sanctions that result from violations of this policy. The sanctions are applied consistently and fairly. In every case in which the student has violated the alcohol policy, the sanctions will consist of a sanctioning level (warning, probation, suspension, expulsion) and appropriate substance use intervention and monetary fine. The following are minimum sanctions that correspond to various levels of severity and may result from a failure to follow the alcohol policy:

Violation 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense 4th Offense
Category A $50 and University Warning $100 and University Warning $150 and University Probation $200 and University Suspension
Category B $100 and University Warning $150 and University Probation $200 and Suspension  
Category C $200 and University Warning $400 and University Probation $600 and Suspension  
Category D $500 and University Probation or Suspension $750 and Suspension    

Depending on the specifics of the case at hand, the following may also be assigned:

Failure to comply with assigned outcomes may result in university probation or extension of university probation.

Parental Notification
In accordance with federal law, the university may contact parents/guardians in cases of alcohol policy violations and/ or cases in which students are assessed for medical safety and/or transported to the hospital for acute intoxication.

Residence Halls
See the complete policy on use of alcoholic beverages in the residence halls.




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