The Center for Community Service maintains a small fleet of vans to be used in transporting volunteers. You can get more information, register as a driver, or reserve a van in Alumni Memorial Union 121.

Text Box: Marquette University Office of Student Development, Center for Community Service, AMU 329  Community Service Van Policy

Priority in Usage of Vehicles by Marquette Community:

Priority for vehicle reservation is used to ensure that the intent of the vehicles is followed to maximize availability and usage for service projects. While van reservation is first-come first-serve (based on the priority list below) it is balanced with the need to ensure that no one group/organization monopolizes use that may hinder others’ usage for travel to/from a local service project site.

  1. Center for Community Service programming and events
  2. Service Student Organizations traveling to/from a local service project
  3. Student Organizations/Greek Chapters traveling to/from a local service site
  4. Groups of Students (not a student organization) traveling to/from a service site
  5. Groups of Staff/Administrators/Faculty traveling to/from a local service site
  6. Groups traveling for purposes directly supporting service project logistics

Usage of Vehicles:

All Wisconsin driving laws, regulations and local ordinances must be observed at all times. Per University Policy and Procedures, the Community Service Vans may not be used for travel outside Milwaukee County.

Only those authorized through the Center for Community Service can drive the vans. Authorization requires completion of an authorization form in AMU 121, completion of online training and receipt of passing test score (sent electronically to Marquette), and copy of valid driver’s license for a motor vehicle background check to ensure acceptable driving history. Allow 2 weeks to process background check to complete authorization.

Refer to Risk Management’s Accident Policy and Procedures. A copy is kept in each vehicle. Authorized drivers must familiarize themselves with the instructions to respond appropriately to various accident scenarios.  All accidents MUST be reported promptly (see report form in vehicle). Any unreported accident/vehicle damage may result in the group/organization/department’s loss of privileges to use the Community Service Vans. As always, call 911 in cases of emergency and follow-up as appropriate and able.

For vehicle needs/concerns that do not hinder safe travel, report to AMU 121 following trip. If assistance is needed during trip due to functional concerns impeding safe travel, call 288-7205 during business day or MUPD 288-6800 after hours.

It is vital that vehicle needs, concerns or accidents are reported and that trash be cleaned-up immediately after use. For example, a liquid container left under a seat runs the risk of leaking into the wiring of the vehicle. Both garbage left in a vehicle and vehicle needs left unreported can hinder usage by the next group/organization.

The Center for Community Service reserves the right to revoke van use privileges for the group/organization for a semester or a time determined appropriate for the sake of other users’ comfort and safety.

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