Welcome to the Office of Student Educational Services

The Office of Student Educational Services is a resource that helps students in their pursuit of academic and personal success. We want all students to reach their goals, so whether you need help with one of your classes or access to specialized services, we are here to help.

We offer a wide range of academic-related services designed to help students of all abilities strengthen their skills and take an active role in their education. We encourage you to stop by the office to learn about how we can help you realize your academic and personal goals.  

Academic Services

If you find yourself spending a lot of time studying and not getting the grades you expect in return, let us work with you to figure out a better way.  We’ve helped thousands of Marquette students find what works for them in one-on-one and group study skills workshops.  We offer individual assistance with college learning strategies.

Disability Services

The Office of Disability Services offers a variety of services to eligible students with documented disabilities enrolled at Marquette.

Freshman Frontier Program (FFP) | Marquette University

The Freshman Frontier Program (FFP) is an academic support program especially designed for entering freshmen who desire a jump-start on the Marquette college experience in a close-knit community. By choosing to participate in this unique Marquette program, you will not only work ahead by earning three credits in the summer, but you will also benefit from academic support and personalized attention throughout your freshman year.

**Temporary Impairment

Marquette University is committed to supporting the academic success of all students, but recognizes that certain life events may inhibit this process. Students who suffer from temporary impairments such as broken bones, temporary illnesses, and recovering from surgery or medical conditions are typically not substantial enough to be considered a disability. The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) does not typically recognize temporary disabilities as a disability for which accommodation is legally mandated, however, the Office of Disability Services may be able to provide some assistance and referrals in these situations, but cannot guarantee that services will be provided. For example, students whose temporary injuries impact their ability to write might be provided Carbon Copy Notebooks from the Office of Disability Services and be directed to ask either their faculty member to identify a potential note taker or another student in the class to use the Carbon Copy Notebook to take duplicate notes.

To explore temporary support for the duration of your injury, please contact the Office of Student Educational Services (AMU 407, 414-288-4252) for other support options and/or contact Public Safety (Parking Structure 1, 414-288-7320) if your injury compromises your mobility.

MARQ Your Path

MARQ Your Path is a TRIO Student Support Services program offered to students registered with the Office of Disability Services. MARQ Your Path provides a variety of services to support the success and development of its participants, such as supplemental academic advising, peer mentoring, and life after college programming.

Tutorial Program

The Tutorial Program offers free tutoring services that are designed to help students develop the skills necessary to meet the demands of the Marquette University curriculum.

Urban Scholars

The Urban Scholars Program is a full-tuition Scholarship Program for first-generation and low-income students from specific categories in southeastern Wisconsin and Chicago. In alignment with the Catholic, Jesuit mission of Marquette University, the Program exists to: provide a dedicated support network across the university, create a sense of community, ensure academic excellence and provide service to Milwaukee and the greater community.

After participation in Student Educational Services sponsored programs and activities, students will be able to: