The Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies

About Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies

The Wisconsin Institute is a unique and vital consortium of private and public colleges and universities dedicated to enriching academic and public discourse on issues of peace and conflict. The Institute is non-partisan and encourages debate and discussion of multiple perspectives, not only of foreign policy issues and global areas of conflict, but also of intercultural communication, gender relations, and environmental sustainability.

At a time when virtually all institutions are seeking to internationalize and/or globalize their curricula and co-curricular programs, the Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies (WIPCS) is a statewide resource available to help.

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The Wisconsin Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies: 26th Annual Student Conference

The conference was held on Friday, March 30. This conference for students is hosted by the Marquette University Center for Peacemaking. The conference is open to students from all disciplines and seeks submissions on the theme: Negotiating in a Polarized Society.

Thank you to our conference co-sponsors:

Marquette University College of Business Administration
Marquette University College of Health Sciences
Marquette University College of Professional Studies
Marquette University Office of International Education
Marquette University Foreign Languages and Literatures Department
Marquette University History Department
Marquette University Philosophy Department
Marquette University Social and Cultural Sciences Department