As many students near graduation and joining the work force full time, one question comes up again and again: How can I make a living and make a difference?

The three MALMAD guides help you explore important questions including: What am I called to do? What do I have to offer to the world? What kind of difference do I want to make? What type of company is best for me? How do I present my skills and experiences to employers? How can I get the job that I want? What do I need to know about my student loans and personal finances? How can I make financial decisions that are smart for the short and long term?

Download a digital copy below or pick up a printed copy at the Center for Peacemaking.

Making a Living and Making a Difference

  • This guide will be launched in fall 2016.

Organizing Yourself A Job

  • This guide will be launched in summer 2017.

Achieving Financial Success

  • This guide will be launched in spring 2017.