Faculty Scholars Directory

Center for Peacemaking faculty scholars are Marquette professors who have demonstrated excellence by advancing peacemaking through their teaching, scholarship and service.

Listed alphabetically by last name.

  • Dr. Risa Brooks, Associate Professor of Political Science
    Research interests: Non-state militant groups and causes of militancy; relations between state militaries and local societies and political leaders (“civil-military” relations); American foreign policy and international affairs; and Middle East politics.
  • Dr. Cedric Burrows, Assistant Professor of English
    Research interests: Rhetoric and Composition; African American Rhetoric; Cultural rhetorics; Rhetoric of social movements; Religious rhetoric,race and education.
  • Dr. Louise Cainkar, Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Sciences
    Research interests: The sociological study of the Muslim American experience and the Arab American experience; international migration, immigrants and diasporas; and transnational youth.
  • Dr. Sharon Chubbuck, Associate Professor of Educational Policy
    Research interests: Urban African American students' response to forgiveness as a viable means of resisting violence in their context.
  • Dr. Alexandra Crampton, Assistant Professor of Social and Cultural Sciences
    Research interests: Alternative Dispute Resolution through courts and community-based organizations; restorative justice; aging; family court; social intervention through government, nongovernmental organizations and social entrepreneurship; global aid and humanitarianism; and comparative research in Ghana and the United States.
  • Dr. Michael Duffey, Associate Professor Emeritus of Theology
    Research interests: Peace studies in the theology curriculum; educating Christian communities on nonviolent resistant as an alternative to war; the tension between the military vocation and Christian principles; and creating an interdisciplinary peace studies major.
  • Dr. Beth Godbee, Assistant Professor of English (Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy Studies)
    Research interests: Social justice education; feminist and womanist pedagogies and epistemologies; cultural rhetoric; relational communication; community writing and community-based research; qualitative research methodologies.
  • Dr. Angie Harris, Associate Professor of Sociology and Director of the Women and Gender Studies Program
    Research interests: health and illness, race and ethnicity, gender and sexualities, religion, urban studies, media studies, and social movements and community activism.
  • Dr. Heather Hlavka, Associate Professor of Social and Cultural Sciences
    Research interests: sexual victimization and interpersonal violence; socio-legal studies, social control of women and children, gender and sexuality, trauma-informed care.
  • Rev. Thomas Hughson, S.J., Associate Professor Emeritus of Theology
    Research interests: Systematic theology (christology, pneumatology, ecclesiology); and Bernard Lonergan's interdisciplinary theological specialty of communication (studies on the public sphere, public theology, social Catholicism, social justice, ecumenism, dialogue with the social sciences, ecotheology, Ignatian spirituality).
  • Dr. Andrew Larson, Professor of Western Civilization
    Research interests: Medieval history, heresy and academic condemnation, medieval universities, medieveal social history, and student violence at universities.
  • Dr. Daniel Maguire, Professor of Theology
    Research interests: Religious ethics; stressing the biblical peacemaking challenge and the proper use of "the just war theory" as a tool for peacemaking.
  • Dr. Jodi Melamed, Associate Professor of English
    Research interests: Critical race and ethnic studies; social movements; indigenous critical theory and indigenous activism; racial capitalism and neoliberalism; and gender, sexuality and intersectional analysis.
  • Dr. Susan Mountin, Director of Manresa for Faculty
    Research interests: Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker Movement; racial justice; economic justice; and the theology of nonviolence.
  • Dr. Irfan Omar, Associate Professor of Theology
    Research interests: Islamic studies; inter-religious connections between Islam and other religions; religions of South Asia; theologies of nonviolence and peacemaking; and religion in the modern world.
  • Dr. Terrence Rynne, Instructor of Theology
    Research interests: Gandhi's influence on the Catholic Church's evolving teaching on war and peace; peacemaking as the new paradigm for thinking about war and peace — not pacifism or just war theory; and the impact of peace studies on student's career development.
  • Dr. Grant Silva, Assistant Professor of Philosophy
    Research interests: Latin American philosophy; philosophy of race, the ethics of racism and racial justice; citizenship and immigration studies; national, international and even temporal conceptions of justice; social and political philosophy; decolonial philosophy and modernity; and Amerindian philosophical traditions.
  • Dr. Theresa Tobin, Associate Professor of Philosophy
    Research interests: Theoretical and practical ethics; social philosophy; religion, spirituality and violence; feminist ethics and political theory; feminist epistemologies; and gender and sexuality studies.
  • Dr. Margaret Urban Walker, Professor and Donald J. Schuenke Chair of Philosophy
    Research interests: Ethical and political theory; transitional, reparative and post-conflict justice; moral repair; feminist ethics and gender justice; and moral psychology.
  • Ms. Sandra Whitehead. Adjunct Instructor, College of Communication
    Research interests: Peace journalism, international collaborative online learning, intercultural communication, the use of creative nonficition in cross cultural/ cross national reporting, Arab and Muslim stereotypes, and media's role in war and peace.