Graduate Student Job Placement

The Marquette Philosophy Department provides a placement advice and guidance for all Ph.D. students, both currently enrolled and recently (within the last 7 years) graduated students. The successful academic job search requires more than a dissertation. It requires concerted effort and collaboration between the student, the faculty advisor, and the placement director. We are committed to helping the student at every stage of the job process.

The primary role in this process belongs to the department's Placement Director-Dr. James South. Dr. South assists the student at all stages of the job search process, from setting up a professional credential file, to creating a professional web/social media presence, to providing mock interviews and advice about job offers.

Marquette is rightly proud of its placement record, and our Ph.D. students have been very successful at securing academic positions. Recent Ph.D. students are currently teaching at the following institutions:


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The Philosophy Department Placement Services Director is Dr. James South.

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