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The Work in Progress Brownbag Luncheon

The Work in Progress Brown Bag Luncheon Series gives members of the faculty and graduate students a forum for the presentation of works in progress and ideas for upcoming research and publication. The series is on hiatus for Spring 2014 but will return again in Fall 2014. 

Upcoming Philosophy Department Lectures and Events

April 2014

4/25/2014 Colloquium Series, Dr. Akeel Bilgrami,Sidney Morgenbesser Chair in Philosophy, Faculty Member--Committee on Global Thought, and Director of the South Asian Institute, Columbia University. “Does the Political Enlightenment Rest on a Mistake?” 3:30 P.M., CU 001
Professor Bilgrami has two relatively independent sets of intellectual interests--in the Philosophy of Mind and Language, and in Political Philosophy and Moral Psychology especially as they surface in politics, history, and culture. He was the Chairman of the Columbia University Philosophy Department from 1994-98 and the Director of the Heyman Center for the Humanities at Columbia University from 2004-2011.
Contact Dr. Grant Silva (414-288-5653) for more information.

May 2014

5/21/14-5/22/14 LUC-Marquette Phenomenology Research Group, contact Greg Trotter for more information.

June 2014

6/11-6/13/2014, Summer Conference, Philosophy in the Abrahamic Traditions. Contact Owen Goldin or Richard Taylor for more information.

6/18-6/21/2014 Conference, The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer. Contact Sebastian Luft for more information.

6/23-6/25, 2014 Summer Conference, Aristotle and the Aristotelian Tradition. Contact Owen Goldin or Richard Taylor for more information

September 2014

9/19-9/20, 2014 California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race. Contact organizers Michael Monahan or Grant Silva for more information.

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