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The Master of Science in CTRH is a two-year, intensive program focused on enhancing the knowledge base in rehabilitation science with thesis and non-thesis options. The core curriculum in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, rehabilitation science, statistics and advanced electives prepares students for careers in this rapidly developing and exciting field.

Students gain clinical and translational research experience in the Exercise, Rehabilitation and Movement Disorders Research Complex and also engage in community-based projects. Students interested in the non-thesis project option benefit from departmental interests in pediatric obesity, community wellness in underserved populations, strength and conditioning in geriatric and other special populations (such as cancer and multiple sclerosis patients) and elite athlete populations, among other topics.

Masterís Thesis

MS students in the Clinical and Translational Rehabilitation Health Sciences Program (CTRH) have the option to choose either a thesis or non-thesis track. Students interested in an MS in clinical research, must successfully defend a thesis consisting of a translational research project by the end of their second year. Those students pursuing a non-thesis track, must present a scholarly paper in their second year.


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