Jack Senefeld

Jonathon Senefeld, BS, is a Ph.D. student in the Clinical & Translational Rehabilitative Health Sciences Program in the Department of Physical Therapy at Marquette University. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a major in Exercise Physiology in the spring of 2013. He has been actively involved in research since his 2nd year as an undergraduate at Marquette, and has been an integral member of Dr. Hunterís research team since 2010. He has helped work on a wide-array of research projects including developing a mobile-phone app, understanding age- and sex-related differences in neuromuscular fatigability, determining sex differences in elite sport performance (e.g., swimming and ultra-marathon) and examining how a genetic marker for Alzheimerís Disease affects cortical excitability. His current research interests include determining the origin of fatigue among patients with type 2 diabetes, specifically examining cortical activation, muscle contractile properties, whole muscle blood flow, and motor unit properties and how these factors affect skeletal muscle fatigue in lower extremity muscle.

His dissertation committee includes:


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