Donald A. Neumann, P.T., Ph.D., F.A.P.T.A.
Department of Physical Therapy
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After working as a licensed physical therapist assistant in Miami Florida, Dr. Neumann received a B.S. in physical therapy from the University of Florida. After several years of practice and teaching in the area of rehabilitation of persons with spinal cord injury, Dr. Neumann received a Ph.D. in Exercise Science from the University of Iowa. In 1986, he joined Marquette University where he is currently Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy. His primary area of teaching is kinesiology.  Don has received multiple national awards from the American Physical Therapy Association that have recognized his teaching, writing, and research efforts (listed below), including being named a Catherine Worthingham Fellow of the APTA in 2008.  Neumann’s research and educational efforts have been funded by the National Arthritis Foundation and the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

Dr. Neumann received a Teacher of the Year Award at Marquette University, and was named Wisconsin’s College Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation. Dr. Neumann has received Fulbright Scholarships to teach in Lithuania, Hungary, and Japan.  He is the author of Human Kinesiology: Foundations for Rehabilitation, published by Elsevier, 2010 which is published in 6 languages.  Don has also edited the chapter “Hip”, published in British Gray’s Anatomy, 41st edition (Elsevier).  Don is also co-author of Essentials of Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant, Elsevier, 2014, and served as an Associate Editor of the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy from 2002-2015.

Dr. Neumann has published several research articles and book chapters, many of which focus on the kinesiology of the hip.  Through funding from the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Don has also produced educational videos entitled: Kinesiologic Principles to Enhance the Functional and Movement Potential in Persons with Quadriplegia.  These educational videos are used in academic and clinical settings worldwide.

Since 1988, each July Dr. Neumann directs a four-day human gross anatomy dissection course for a wide range of medical and health professionals. This very popular course, presented on the campus of Marquette University, combines anatomy dissection and lectures on kinesiology

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