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Physician Assistant Studies Courses:
Second PA Year - FALL

* Required

BISC 7120* Medical Pharmacology

Fundamentals of human pharmacology and basic principles dictating drug actions within the human body with emphasis on applications in general medicine. Focuses on the therapeutic actions and clinical applications of various drug classes. Topics include: cellular mechanisms, physiological responses, adverse reactions, drug-drug interactions, and clinical indications, accompanied by discussion on the pathological conditions for which common therapeutic agents are used. Applications of pharmacology commonly encountered by physician assistants are presented and are reinforced through interactive clinically correlated lectures presented by practicing physicians and physician assistants.

Prereq: BISC 3213, BISC 4145 and major in Physician Assistant Studies.

Course Component: Lecture

Enrollment Requirement Group: Enrolled in the School of Dentistry or a Major in Physician Assistant Studies (PHAS) or Student Group PHAS


PHAS 7110* Clinical Medicine I

Provides a comprehensive presentation of the various disease processes commonly encountered in primary care across the spectrum of clinical medicine. Employs a system-oriented, problem based approach and clinical information is presented in conjunction with appropriate, correlative lectures or labs in anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, radiology, laboratory diagnostics, and nutrition. Students acquire basic life support certification (CPR).

Prereq: Admitted to the PA Program.


PHAS 7115* Clinical Decision Making I

Designed to expand the student's medical knowledge base and facilitate critical thinking and diagnostic skills. Students develop differential diagnoses and order and interpret appropriate laboratory and imaging studies. Finally, students demonstrate the ability to succinctly present a working diagnosis, treatment plan, and prognosis.

Prereq: Admitted to the PA Program.



PHAS 7255* Women's Health

Provides practical information on routine gynecologic and obstetric care for women. It explores various gynecological diseases, obstetric complications, and preventative care for women of all ages. Employs a system-oriented, problem based approach in which clinical information is presented to include basic anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, radiology, and laboratory diagnostics. Includes a physical exam lab practicum.

Prereq: Admitted to the PA Program.



PHAS 7200* Interpersonal Communication

A 2-credit semester course intended to build upon basic interviewing skills that were introduced in PHAS 7050. Consists of a series of patient-encounters, classroom discussions and readings relevant to working constructively with problems in clinician/patient communications. Common types of difficult patient interactions will be addressed. Self-awareness is emphasized as the basis upon which clinicians develop an enhanced capacity for empathic listening and responsiveness.

Prereq: Admitted to the PA Program.


PHAS 7265*Medical Coding and Healthcare Systems

This course begins with an in depth look at the medical coding system and teaches the students how and why to code properly.  Students are familiarized with the Typhon system of patient documentation and practice using it in conjunction with cases done in PHAS 7115.  The remainder of the course focuses on the ever changing health care marketplace.  Various healthcare system models and reimbursement methods will be compared and contrasted.  Students will research and present various topics to include more information on specific local and regional programs influencing healthcare delivery. 

Prereq: Admitted to the PA Program.





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