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Physician Assistant Studies Courses:
First PA Year - FALL

* Required

The chemistry of cells in health and disease. Structure and function of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids; enzyme function, cell signaling, cellular metabolism, and biological information flow (genetics). Prereq: CHEM 2112 or CHEM 2114 both may be taken concurrently with BISC 3213.

Provides an overview of genetic principles that are relevant to human health and disease. Topics include: packaging and sequence architecture of the human genome, Human Genome Project, patterns of Mendelian inheritance in humans, development, genetic alterations and metabolic disease hemoglobinopathies, immunogenetics, genetic testing and gene therapy. Consists of didactic lectures with interspersed clinical cases. Intended for students interested in a career in medical professions. Prereq: BISC 3213, BIOL 4101 or cons. of instr.

Basic principles and fundamentals of human nutrition. Nutrients are discussed in terms of sources, absorption, metabolism and utilization, deficiency, requirements, and assessment of status. Life cycle nutrition and nutrition in disease states. Intended audience: future health care professionals. Prereq: A course in Biochemistry and BISC major; or cons. of instr. Not to be taken for credit by students who have had BISC 1010 or HEAL 2045.

A human gross anatomy course including lecture and a cadaver dissection laboratory. Anatomy of the limbs, back, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, and head and neck is approached on a regional basis. Functional aspects of musculoskeletal structures are emphasized.

Prereq: PHTH major; or PHAS major 2.

Course Component: Lecture

Enrollment Requirement Group: Majors in Physical Therapy Masters, Doctoral or Physician Assistant Studies


PHIL 4336* Applied Clinical Ethics for HC

An introduction to issues in professional ethics for students in the College of Health Sciences.  Course is designed to provide a bridge to ethical topics covered in professional phase of study.  Topics include:  dignity of life, codes of medical ethics; the nature of the patient-medical provider relationship; confidentiality, the determination of patient competence; critical patient care, and justice in healthcare.

Prereq: Enrolled in Health Sciences, Jr. stndg., and PHIL 2310.

Course Component: Lecture

Enrollment Requirement Group: Enrolled in either Undergraduate College of Health Sciences or Professional College of Health Sciences



16 cr


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