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Physician Assistant Studies Courses
First PA Year - SPRING

* Required

BISC 4145* Human Physiology

Human physiology including blood and circulation, muscular, neuronal and sensory systems, renal and respiratory systems, digestion, metabolism, reproduction, their control by the endocrine and central nervous systems, and clinical correlates.

Prereq: BISC 2135; and a course in Biochemistry.

Course Component: Lecture


BISC 3150* General Pathology

The course begins with an overview of cellular degenerations, inflammation and neoplasia. Various organ systems and their primary disease states will then be presented. These systems include musculoskeletal, nervous, cardiovascular, pulmonary, reproductive, digestive, endocrine, and integument. This course is taught using lecture note handouts, Power Point, Web sites and examination objectives.

Prereq: Courses in anatomy and physiology; or PHTH major; or PHAS major; or cons. of instr.

Course Component: Lecture


BISC 4165* Microbiology Lab

Introduction to various topics of microbiology laboratory including the isolation, cultivation, enumeration and characterization of bacteria of human medical importance. Brightfield, darkfield, and phase contrast microscopy are utilized. Specialized techniques include antibiotic susceptibility testing, anaerobic cultivation and immunological assays.

Prereq: BISC 7410, which may be taken concurrently or BISC 3115; consent of instructor.

Course Component: Lecture


BISC 7410* Microbiology

This course focuses on infectious agents of human medical importance and on the host pathogen interaction. Topic areas include the general characteristics of bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites as well as the etiology, pathogenesis, laboratory identification, and epidemiology of selected diseases. Control of microorganisms is discussed in terms of sterilization, disinfection, chemotherapy and immunization. The immune system and the immune response are discussed.

Prereq: School of Dentistry or PHAS major.

Course Component: Lecture

Enrollment Requirement Group: Enrolled in the School of Dentistry or a Major in Physician Assistant Studies (PHAS) or Student Group PHAS


PHTH 7558* Neuroanatomy

Structure and function of the central nervous system (CNS). Lecture, clinical correlations, clinical problem solving to predict signs and symptoms in patients with PNS and CNS lesions.

Prereq: PHTH or PHAS major.

Course Component: Lecture

Enrollment Requirement Group: Majors in Physical Therapy Masters, Doctoral or Physician Assistant Studies


PHAS 4117* Cultural Diversity in Healthcare

Introduction to healthcare delivery to diverse patient populations. Explores various culturally influenced perspectives on health and illness as well as identifying health disparities among certain cultural groups and minority populations. Students work toward becoming culturally competent practitioners by exploring their personal reactions to culturally based medical scenarios.

Prereq: Admitted to the PA Program.





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