Peter BolgertPeter Bolgert
(B.S. 2012)

Peter was named to the 2012 Capital One Academic All-America® Division I Men’s and Track/Cross Country Team. Peter also earned several awards in physics during his time at Marquette, including the Zeta Scholar in 2009, Karioris Memorial in 2010, and Stephen Weinrich Memorial in 2011. He was also honored with the Outstanding Undergraduate Math Award in 2012. He began his PhD program studying plasma physics at Princeton University in the Fall of 2012.


Chris Langlo Chris Langlo
(B.S. 2010)

Chris is currently an MSTP (Medical Science Training Program) student at the Medical College of Wisconsin, pursuing both his MD and his PhD.  He took his first set of board exams in June, and started grad school in the fall of 2012. He is working with a group that does optical imaging of the human retina, primarily the photoreceptor layer. They are working on developing new imaging technology, as well as studying the changes in photoreceptors in disorders like albinism, color blindness, and macular degeneration. Upon completion of his graduate work, he will return to medical school to finish his last two years in the clinics.

Brian KasterBrian Kaster
(B.S. 2007)

Brian recently obtained his Masters in Physics from Miami University in Ohio, doing work in ferromagnetic resonance (FMR) under Dr. Mick Pechan. He is currently working in the Microphysics Lab at the University of Illinois at Chicago doing thin film deposition and characterization.




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Erin KaprelianErin Kaprelian
(B.S. 2012)

Erin worked with Dr. Ben Brown on positron research for a second time in the summer of 2012. They prepared for a collaboration with ETH Zurich. They spent the first half of the summer doing a lot of testing, measuring, and troubleshooting, and then sent parts over to Switzerland. The second half of the summer Erin built parts to rebuild the beam and set up another experiment. She started law school at Marquette this fall, in addition to her responsibilities as a teaching assistant for an introductory physics course. She plans to practice intellectual property law upon graduation in May of 2015.


Cyrus Vandrevala Cyrus Vandrevala
(B.S. 2010)

Cyrus is currently a graduate student studying physics at Purdue University, where he passed his qualifying exam on arrival. He was also honored as a recipient of the Committee for the Education of Teaching Assistants Excellence in Teaching Award this year.


Ryan Mahon (B.S. 2012)

Ryan is currently a Midshipman 1st Class in the Navy, stationed in Pensacola, FL. He is training to be a pilot.

Jonathan Priem (B.S. 2011)

Jonathan is a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corp.

Andrew Smith (B.S. 2010)

Andrew Smith is studying physics at the University of California – Irvine, where he passed qualifying               exam on arrival.

Lawrence Hudy (B.S. 2010)

Lawrence is teaching a Solar System Astronomy course at Texas Tech University.




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