After 39 years of service to the Marquette Physics Department, Father Don Matthys is retiring at the end of this academic year.

During his time at Marquette, he was the director of the departmental graduate affairs committee and supervised the physics MS graduate program for several years. More recently, he has enjoyed teaching introductory physics courses, Modern Optics and redesigning the Contemporary Physics Lab.

Don's research emphasis was in optical measurements, particularly in understanding laser speckle interferometry for materials testing.

Father Matthys' contributions to the physics department have been substantial throughout his career, and he will be greatly missed!

JohnDr. John Karkheck came to Marquette in 1993, and was Chair of the Physics Department for 10 years. Subsequently, he served as the Vice Provost for Graduate Programs for 5 years in addition to his role as Physics professor.

John has contributed to numerous committees on campus, including Core Curriculum, Interdisciplinary Research, and Strategic Planning. He also established a relationship with the Medical College of Wisconsin, collaborating in student research and developing the Biophysics concentration.

John plans to travel as much as he can in his retirement, with Uganda and the Netherlands at the top of his list.

Dr. Karkheck's role in the Physics department has been truly significant, and his absence will not go unnoticed!

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