2016 Inductees:

Ryan Howell Class of 2017
Matthew Hughes Class of 2018
Dr. Brian Bennett Faculty


2015 Inductees:

Christopher Johlie Class of 2016
Austin Kopitzke Class of 2015
Mari Luepke Class of 2016
Laura Pincombe Class of 2016


2014 Inductees:

Kirsten Blagg Class of 2015
Johannes Christian Class of 2014
William Condon Class of 2014
Demetrious Kutzke Class of 2015
Henry Le Class of 2015
Nick Lopez-Canelas Class of 2015
Mike Nichols Class of 2015


2013 Inductees:

David Anaya Class of 2013
Melissa Budelier Class of 2013
Kelsey Meinerz Class of 2014
Leo Nugraha Class of 2014
Gavin Rank Class of 2014
Alex Selner Class of 2014
Jesse Vogeler - Wunsch Class of 2014
Wei Wu Class of 2014


2012 Inductees:

Benjamin Calvopina Class of 2012
Timothy Gee Class of 2012
Kyle Kimminau Class of 2013
Preston Koch Class of 2013
Jeffrey Maltas Class of 2012
Abigail Searfoss Class of 2013
Sihui Yang Class of 2013
William Hirsch Faculty


2011 Inductees:

Erin Kaprelian Class of 2012
Rebecca McAuliffe Class of 2013
Daniel Olsen Class of 2013
Patrick Welch Class of 2011


2010 Inductees:

Peter Bolgert Class of 2012
Michael Osterman Class of 2011
Jonathon Priem Class of 2011
Thomas Romza Class of 2011
Randy Wolfmeyer Faculty


2009 Inductees:

Michael Heim Class of 2009
Christopher Langlo Class of 2010
Andrew Smith Class of 2010
Cyrus Vandrevala Class of 2010


2008 Inductees:

Brianne Boland Class of 2009
Sarah Reiff Class of 2010


2007 Inductees:

Ziqi Dai Class of 2007


2006 Inductees:

Jackie Arvidson Class of 2006
Sabrina Dechene Class of 2006
Brian Kaster Class of 2007
Sean Krzyzewski Class of 2007
Kevin Weiler Class of 2006


2005 Inductees:

Jennifer Bustmante Class of 2006
Adam Hinkle Class of 2006
Michael Poellmann Class of 2006
Ben Rizzo Class of 2006
Ruth Howes Faculty
Andrew Kunz Faculty
Christopher Stockdale Faculty
Melissa Vigil Faculty


2004 Inductees:

Benjamin Nitti Class of 2005


2003 Inductees:

Alexander Buob Class of 2003
Chad Quandt Class of 2004
Matthew Wiesner Class of 2003


2002 Inductees:

Nicolas Nelson Class of 2003
Andrew Nencka Class of 2004
Dong Chan Vu Class of 2003


2001 Inductees:

Peter Kleb Class of 2002
Patricia Schaefer Class of 2002
Christopher Sloan Class of 2002










Physics Department Mission Statement

The Physics Department is committed to excellence in undergraduate physics education and embraces the Ignation ideal of cura personalis, or "care for the whole person." The Department is a community of faculty, staff and students: Faculty advance the frontiers of physics in both research and education, staff contribute their expertise in facilitating all endeavors of the department, and students participate in learning and scholarship with the guidance of the faculty.