2013 Award Winner Abigail Searfoss


Stephen Weinreich Memorial Award Recipients:

Christopher Johlie 2016
Kirsten Blagg 2015
Demetrious Kutzke 2015
Kelsey Meinerz 2014
Kyle Kimminau 2013
Abigail Searfoss 2013
Sihui Yang 2013
Rebecca McAuliffe 2012
Peter Bolgert 2011
Christopher Langlo 2010
Sarah Reiff 2010
Cyrus Vandrevala 2009
Sean Krzyzewski 2007
Jennifer Bustamante 2006
Benjamin Rizzo 2006
Nicolas A. Nelson 2003
Daniel J. Kelley 1999
Joleen M. Kugi 1994
Jonathan T. Filter 1993
James C. Phillips 1993
Peter A. Santi 1992
Bill K. Fester 1991
Anne C. Schaefer 1988
James P. Vitha 1986
Stephen J. Mosier 1984
Stephen C. Jensen 1982
Stephen K. Weinreich 1982
David J. Kinzer 1981
Paul D. Lett 1980
Michael G. Cherney 1979


Physics Department Mission Statement

The Physics Department is committed to excellence in undergraduate physics education and embraces the Ignation ideal of cura personalis, or "care for the whole person." The Department is a community of faculty, staff and students: Faculty advance the frontiers of physics in both research and education, staff contribute their expertise in facilitating all endeavors of the department, and students participate in learning and scholarship with the guidance of the faculty.