Mission statement

The Physics Department is committed to excellence in undergraduate physics education and embraces the Ignation ideal of cura personalis, or "care for the whole person." The Department is a community of faculty, staff and students: Faculty advance the frontiers of physics in both research and education, staff contribute their expertise in facilitating all endeavors of the department, and students participate in learning and scholarship with the guidance of the faculty.

What can you do with a Physics Major?

A Physics degree opens doors.

The physics program at Marquette stands out in many ways. As early as their sophomore year, our physics majors are invited to teach introductory labs for engineering and non-science majors. They are also invited to perform research, working directly with professors. The experience gained is incredibly valuable in going forward to graduate school or to the workplace.

While many recent graduates have pursued advanced degrees in physics, many others have pursued astronomy, biophysics, materials science, and bioengineering. They have entered into many of the top graduate programs around the country, including Princeton, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, Purdue, Notre Dame, the Medical College of Wisconsin, and Vanderbilt. Each has earned a fellowship or assistantship which include full tuition, plus a substantial salary to support their studies!

Other recent graduates have proceeded to teach high school science, and several have continued on to law school and medical school. Remarkably, Physics students scored the highest of all majors on the LSAT, and second highest on the MCAT!

Physics ensures a strong education that leads to success in a variety of fields. We invite enthusiastic students to join us!

Just what are career opportunities in Physics?

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) Career Network website offers present day employment opportunities for physicists of all degree and career levels. Use this site to see what opportunities are available: AIP Career Network Web site


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