Dr. Gary Meyer
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Programs and Teaching

Ms. Anne D. Deahl
Associate Vice Provost for Academic Support Programs and Retention

Mr. Jon Pray
Associate Vice Provost for Educational Technology

Dr. Shaun Longstreet
Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning

Ms. Lee Coppernoll
Interim Director, Haggerty Museum of Art

Rev. Timothy O'Brien, S.J.
Director, Les Aspin Center for Government

Dr. Sharron Ronco
Director, Assessment

Dr. John Su
Director, Core Curriculum

Ms. Alexandra Riley
Director, Office of Institutional Research and Analysis




Ms. Laura Kestner
Career Services Director

Dr. Joseph Green
Educational Opportunity Program Director

Dr. Terrence Miller
Office of International Education Director

Ms. Georgia McRae
Office of the Registrar

Ms. Karen Destolle
Director Office of Student Educational Services