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Marquette's sabbatical program was announced by then University President, Fr. John Raynor, S.J., on October 10, 1974. the program began in the academic year 1976-77.

The sabbatical program is funded in part by the difference between regular faculty salary and the salary paid to replacement staff. Since the difference is not sufficient, the University regularly supplies additional funding.


The purpose of sabbatical leave, as described in the University statutes, is to allow a respite from classroom activities and other academic duties, and to provide an opportunity to pursue "a significant program of scholarly self-development calculated to enhance the teaching or other scholarly capabilities of the faculty member and to which the faculty member proposes to devote himself or herself over substantially the entire sabbatical term."


To be eligible for sabbatical leave a faculty member must be a member of the Regular Tenured Faculty. Regular Faculty refers to those appointed to one of the Regular ranks — Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor. Since no Instructors are tenured, they are not eligible for sabbatical leave.

To be eligible for sabbatical leave in a given academic year, a faculty member must, normally, have been principally engaged during each of the six academic years preceding the sabbatical year, in regular scholarly work (teaching and research) of the Regular Faculty.