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General Information

The undergraduate program in the Department of Psychology offers courses and training leading to the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree.

The Bachelor's Degree

The B.A. (Bachelor in Arts) curriculum of Marquette's College of Arts and Sciences requires a minimum of 120 credit hours at a 2.0 average. Core requirements (classes that all students in the college must take) include English Composition, Literature-Fine Arts, Foreign Language, Math-Logic-Computer, Natural Sciences, Philosophy, History, Social-Behavioral Science, and Theology.

The Psychology Major

Handbook for Undergraduate Psychology MajorsPDF Icon

All students take (11 hours):

Students then choose at least 3 elective courses (at least two must be upper division; 9 hours total) and at least one upper division class from each of these five major “content areas” (at least 15 hours):

Individualizing the Psychology Major

The psychology major is encouraged to take specific courses according to what he or she intends to do after graduating (going on to grad school, working, going to medical school, etc.). The student's major advisor, a professor in the Department of Psychology, assists the student in choosing the appropriate courses.

Program Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

Undergraduate Psychology Research Assistant Opportunities


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