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Court Reservation Procedures and Policies

  1. Reservations for tennis and racquetball courts may be made no earlier than 48 hours in advance.

    Helfaer Recreation Center:
    (414) 288-6389: To reserve courts, call after 2:00 pm.

    Rec Plex:
    (414) 288-7778: To reserve racquetball/handball/wallyball or squash court, call after 2:30 pm.

    (It is advised that you make court reservations as early as possible. Be prepared to provide your name and ID number)

    Only members and current students are permitted to make advance reservations
  2. Anyone making a reservation will be held responsible for the court fee in the event of a no-show or late cancellation. In these instances, the court fee is still assessed and must be paid before reserving another court. Persons unable to appear for their reserved time must contact the Helfaer Recreation Center Pro Shop a (414) 288-6389 or Rec Plex Main Office at (414) 288-7778 a minimum of two hours in advance so the court can be made available to other players. Failure to properly observe this policy will result in a loss of reservation privileges until the charge has been paid. In addition, other building privileges may be suspended. The court fee charges will be assessed according to the status of the individual whose name is on record as having made the reservation. A ten minute grace period on all court reservations will be strictly enforced. After the first ten minutes, courts will open up to other patrons.
  3. Consecutive play is not allowed, except in the case of an intramural sports tournament. Only one reservation can be made per phone call. Concurrent reservations are not permitted, nor are reservations made in the name of others. Court hopping is not permitted even if the court is not being used.
  4. To be fair to all players, it is necessary that play stop immediately when time has ended. Anyone playing longer than the allotted court time may be assessed an additional fee. You may be asked to leave the court for failing to abide by the rules.
  5. Only tennis shoes with non-marking soles are allowed on the tennis courts. Running shoes, basketball shoes and any waffle pattern sole are not acceptable. Soles must be flat; for example, a flat herringbone pattern is acceptable. Patrons who do not have proper footwear will not be allowed on the courts. For specific examples, please ask at the Main Office.

Helfaer Court Hours and Fees

All courts reserved on the hour for 60-minute periods unless otherwise noted.

Tennis Courts


Rec Plex Court Hours and Fees


Court lights will be turned on when the court is paid in full.

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Club Sports

The club sports program at Marquette is designed to provide competitive, recreational and instructional sport activities for students. Many clubs compete against other clubs, colleges and universities while others offer an instructional atmosphere. More information