Anthony Nicholson

CULP experience at Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC)

By: Cadet Kalyn Seifer

While at WHINSEC in Fort Benning, Georgia, I spent 4 weeks with the top 40 cadets from the General José María Córdoba School of Military Cadets as well as 10 National Colombian Police. It is located in Bogotá, Colombia. While these students are set to graduate in December and take over as platoon leaders in a country torn in civil war, the U.S. Army Cadets are going to be MS-II's or MS-III's. While the experience greatly improved my Spanish skills, many other experiences were gained. First, is the experience of learning and understanding a different culture. Another benefit was the human rights class that was taught to us. With human rights such a hot topic issue around the world, it was important to have discussions (in Spanish mostly) with other military personnel that have different experiences to draw upon based upon the status of their country.


CDT Seifer with cadets from Columbia


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