Stand Down 2010

Golden Eagle Battalion Cadet Supports Veterans Day Parade

By Cadet Nicholas Sanders-Mud

It was an amazing experience to be a part of Milwaukee’s annual Veterans Day Parade. I have never seen such a supportive atmosphere; which was extremely important to me because it gave me the opportunity to share in the legacy of generations before me who were once in the same position as I am. To shake hands with veterans and men and women currently serving was unforgettable. Everyone is thanking each other for their service, and no matter where they served, we were all bonded by a common love for our country. It was not unlike being at one gigantic family reunion. Stories, experiences, and wisdom were passed down, and in return we gave our gratitude and respects.

I carried the banner for the Blue Star Moms along with a sailor from the Navy. The Blue Star Moms are a non-profit organization of mothers with sons or daughters who have served, or are serving overseas. They raise money and support for current troops and promote patriotism.



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