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The Golden Eagle Battalion sent two male teams and one female team to the Ranger Buddy Competition hosted by the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. Female teammates Cadet Laura Snamiska and Cadet Valerie Kehl earned 3rd place in the Female Division. Repeat buddy team, Cadet Anthony Nicholson and Cadet Brooks Wittkamper, advanced to 4th place overall. Cadet Ryan Murphy and Cadet Brett Peloquin also excelled at the competition. The Ranger Buddy Challenge consisted of a variety of mentally and physically demanding tasks, to include a 10 kilometer road march, a ropes course, hand grenade assault course, weapons disassembly/re-assembly, an obstacle course, and a modified combat-oriented physical fitness test.

Buddy Ranger Challenge 2011

In 2011, the Golden Eagle Battalion sent two teams to compete in the Buddy Ranger Challenge competition. The teams included Cadet Eriz Czaja and Cadet Kyle Werner placing 3rd overall, and Cadet Anthony Nicholson and Cadet Brooks Wittkamper placed in the top 10.

Cadet Ranger Buddy Challenge

by Cadet Anthony Nicholson (2011)

This spring CDT Wittkamper and I, along with another male buddy team, were given the chance to compete in an all Cadet Buddy Ranger Challenge event.  It was a one-day long competition which took place in Kansas, and included nearly 130 buddy teams from across the entire country.  The events consisted of a 10k buddy ruck march, a knot tying event, a litter carry, weapons assembly/disassembly, a grenade assault course, an obstacle course, and a 10k buddy run at the end of the day.  The teams were then ranked based on fastest times, and the winning team was decided by whoever had the lowest total score at the end of the day.  In the end, after nearly 14 hours of tough competition, my partner and I took 14th out of 120 teams, with plenty of room for improvement.  The other buddy team, which consisted of CDT Werner and CDT Czaja, both seniors, took 3rd place overall.  Both CDT Wittkamper and I plan on competing again next year, and now that we know what to expect, we plan on bringing home the first place trophy.


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