Golden Eagle Battalion Social Event


Every semester the Golden Eagle Battalion hosts a formal social event designed to build camaraderie and espirit-de-corps among the Cadets. Not only are these events a lot of fun, but they are an excellent training event for Cadets to learn the protocol of formal social events in the military.


Dining-In serves as a formal military function for Cadets and cadre members in order to familiarize themselves with customs and courtesies in a formal setting, but mainly to entertain the battalion.

One Cadet is chosen as Mr. Vice and plays the job of emcee for the evening, telling jokes and making games and competitions between Cadets. If a Cadet does not do as Mr. Vice says, they are sent to the grog, or a liquid concoction made up mostly of sweets.

The remainder of the evening is spent watching skits that each MS class has put together (either filmed or live). Learn more about Dining-In.

Military Ball

The Military Ball serves as another training event for Cadets to experience a formal military dining function, but also as a fun-filled night of camaraderie and socializing.

The event is attended not only by the Golden Eagle Battalion, also present are the dates of each Cadet and cadre, the parents of graduating seniors, selected university faculty, and a guest speaker.

The evening begins with an invocation and toasts, along with speeches from the Cadet Battalion Commander and the Professor of Military Science, and is followed by dinner.

After the formal portion of the evening is over, a sabre arch is done for the graduating seniors. The senior Cadets and their dates walk under a Color Guard Saber Arch as a final send-off. The rest of the evening is marked by entertainment and dancing.

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