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ROTC Cadet Helps Elderly Man

From: Chisnell, Amy J.
Sent: Friday, January 30, 2009 3:05 p.m.

Subject: ROTC student

Today as I was taking the bus past the Marquette University campus, an elderly man got off at 16th street. He stumbled on the snow bank, recovered for a moment, and then his foot hit an icy patch and he began to fall. As if appearing out of nowhere, a young man dressed in fatigues ran up and caught the man before he hit the icy sidewalk, and lifted him gently back to his feet. He probably saved that man from breaking a hip, or worse.

I’m quite sure that the young man was a Marquette ROTC student, although I’m not sure whether he’s Air Force, Army, or Navy – but I just wanted to say that, while it’s one thing to volunteer to serve to defend your country, it’s quite another to live your life – moment to moment – in service to others. Several people just turned and watched while this elderly man stumbled, but for this ROTC student, it was in his nature to reach forward and help. It was inspiring... and while I doubt you will ever know which of your students it was, I think it might be nice for you to know the kind of character your students display when they think no one is watching.

Amy Chisnell
Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities
TRIO Programs - Student Support Services
Milwaukee School of Engineering
(414) 277-7281


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