Army Nurses

The Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) provides an opportunity for college nursing students to receive practical, hands-on leadership experience. The ROTC courses provide a chance for students to develop management, communication and decision-making skills in a non-threatening environment. Physical training and confidence-building activities (i.e. rappelling, obstacle courses) also provide a chance for students to be physically and mentally challenged.

The ROTC program is taken in conjunction with your regular classes in a selected major field, plus other general education requirements you need to complete to earn a commission. The main focus is on management and leadership skills development, with increasing responsibilities as you progress through the program. A typical Cadet takes 2-4 credits of ROTC class per semester, which may count towards your total credits required to graduate. The ROTC program itself can be taken on a 4, 3, or 2-year basis. The first 2 years are the Basic Course and the last 2 years are the Advanced Course. Your academic and military status as a Cadet will determine the length of time you need to complete your ROTC requirements.


Army ROTC Personnel

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