Army ROTC Nurse

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Starting Income, Single Civilian Lieutenant
Taxable salary $30,000 $26,204
Federal Income Tax -$4,310 -$3,910
Social security (7.65%) -$2,295 -$2,004
Basic Allowance for Subsistence (grocery) $0 +$2,006
Basic $0 +$10,104 (Nat. Avg)
After Tax Income (less state taxes) $23,395 $32,400

Note 1: 2003 Federal Income Tax Rate Schedules Used.

Note 2: Basic Allowance for Subsistence and Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) are tax-free.

Note 3: BAH is determined by the zip code of the Military Instillation where you are assigned.

Variations in BAH are based on geographic duty location, pay grade, and dependency status.


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