Ranger Challenge

First Row: Ms. Amanda Fonk - Business Administration Class of 2010, Ms. Jane McKenna - Nursing Class of 2009, Abigail Kassulke - Nursing Class of 2010

Second Row: Ms. Anna Palazkova - Nursing Class of 2011, Ms. Laura Snamiska - Human Biology & Physical Therapy Class of 2012 and Ms. Kristina Schmitt - Sociology Class of 2010

Marquette Women are Army Strong
and ROTC Smart!

Marquette Army ROTC women’s Ranger Challenge Team wins the state championship three years in a row: 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Teams and Tryouts

The Ranger Challenge Men and Women’s Teams are highly competitive and elite groups within Army ROTC. Cadets train to get a coveted position on the team then compete against all other Ranger Challenge Teams in Upper Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and northern Illinois.

Team tryouts begin immediately upon arrival to campus in the fall term. Tryouts select those Cadets who are both physically and mentally capable to succeed but also those that will make the best teammates with one another.

The Challenge

The Ranger Challenge is both an individual and team tested event much like a team pentathlon or Ironman©. The Challenge lasts 48 hours straight with little rest or breaks and certainly challenges any who are weak of heart or afraid to try.

Cadets begin Friday afternoon with night time orienteering, get a few hours sleep then start the next morning before sunrise with a physical fitness test and obstacle course. Next, Cadet teams navigate roads and wooded terrain from testing station to testing station. Team testing stations include construction and crossing a one rope bridge spanning a river or lake, pulling an Army vehicle through deep soft sand, carrying a simulated casualty over and under obstacles, and real world scenarios where leadership, teamwork and rapid decision making are stressed.

Cadets quickly rest and rehydrate prior to the 10 kilometer team speed march, the most strenuous of all the events. Cadets start before sun up on Sunday, walking and running as fast as possible as a team over roads and up some of the highest hills in Wisconsin all while carrying their gear and military equipment. The speed march tests the Cadet’s willpower, inner strength and teamwork to finish as a team with the lowest overall time.

The Marquette Men’s A-Team revived the brutal rivalry for first place again against Wheaton College and Olivet Nazarene University. Olivet Nazarene siezed first place, Wheaton cecond and Marquette third by a very slim margin. The Marquette Men’s B-Team placed in the top ten and is set to form the core of next years men’s A-Team.

If you’d like an opportunity to be part of the Ranger Challenge next year come by the Army ROTC offices, write, call or ask a Cadet. (414) 288-5668


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