Spring Field Training Exercises

Reflection from 2009

The weekend we spent at Ft McCoy for our spring FTX was one of the most interesting and informative events I have ever experienced. When my squad headed out for our first STX lane of the day on Saturday, I was laying in 360 security with a full bladder for I don't remember how long, and I thought, "Great, I see how this weekend is gonna be." Soon however, all the feelings of doubt were washed away as we conducted an exhilarating and successful ambush.

The pinnacle of the FTX, though, was the MOUT raid we performed on the fake village. I've never been in a more chaotic situation than when we were running around that village, "taking fire," and clearing out rooms. In spite of all the chaos, the leadership did an excellent job at maintaining control, and keeping the operation flowing. The last event, the FLRC, really proved how well my squad had bonded over the past few days. The event is designed to test leadership as well as team work; both of which I think we excelled at.

The TACS did a great job at making sure everybody in their squads got a leadership position, and the general organization of the FTX was very impressive. For this, I know everybody in the battalion is very thankful of the MS IVs and IIIs that spent so much time planning and executing the weekend. If I had to mention the most important thing I learned on the FTX it would be this: you can learn these battle drills in a classroom environment; however, you grasp them so much better when they are applied in a more realistic situation.


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