MAJ Aprill's Military History Class

To fulfill the Minor in Military Science requirement, Army ROTC Cadets must receive a passing grade in the military history course.

Cadets may elect to take the course through the Department of Military Science and Leadership, MISL 1800 American Crucible: The Military and the Development of the United States. The course explores American military history from the colonial period to the present through the lens of military affairs and primarily through the land component of the military, the Army. This course will use the Army and the military itself as a lens through which to explore the impact of governmental structures and policies, international affairs, societal change, technological and industrial innovation, and geography on American development. The University also offers a comparable course through the History Department, HIST 3118 American Military History, than can be applied towards the Military Science minor. Both courses are offered in fall and spring semesters.

Cadets enrolled in partnership schools may request to complete a military history course at their college with prior approval from the Professor of Military Science. For example, Cadets at UW - Milwaukee may choose to take HIST 457 Military History of the United States.

Marquette students interested in taking MISL 1800 should contact the Department of Military Science for more information and in order to request permission from the Professor of Military Science.


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