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Job Description

Civic Dialogue Leaders (CDLs) 

Description: In order to encourage more classroom conversations about important social justice issues that impact Marquette and the Milwaukee community, the Center for Teaching and Learning and The Center for Gender and Sexuality Studies has received a grant to host a series of course-based dialogues with faculty and student facilitators. These discussions will focus on a series of six themes based on topics that frequently challenge us as a campus: 1. Race, ethnicity 2. Gender Identity 3. Sex and sexuality 4. Religious and spirituality diversity 5. Immigration and migration 6. Marquette and the Milwaukee community. Twenty Faculty and ten student leaders will receive training on how to promote and facilitate dialogue on these topics in the classroom and within social networks. The student Civic Dialogue Leaders (CDLs) will be paired with a faculty mentor and will assist in this facilitation. The goal is to promote the growth of these student leaders as empathetic, curious, and civically minded individuals, and to encourage these important dialogues as a way to build a more compassionate, inclusive, and engaged campus. This tremendous facilitation experience will allow participating students to use their training to facilitate conversations in their other roles on campus and well into their professional lives.  

Applications are due April 20, 2017 by 4:00pm. Applications should be emailed to Peggy Mead (

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