Digital Marketing Class Competes in Google Challenge

By Sheila Connelly

During the 2015 spring semester, the Office of Service Learning gave Doctor Brian Spaid of the College of Business a grant to incorporate “Google Challenge” into his Digital Marketing class. The challenge, put on by Google, is to create a team, find a company, and create an advertising campaign using Google AdWords and Google+. This semester, Marquette had a total of nine teams, with forty-five students involved total. Eight of the teams chose non-for-profits as their company.

After discussing the project with Dr. Spaid, it was evident the benefits that came from this opportunity. Learning from a real-life experience with actual clients, the students were able to prepare for scenarios that may be in their future. They had to meet with the client before the campaign to set up goals. However, most of them learned those goals were not going to be successful, which in turn allowed them to find creative ways to turn their ideas around in order to hopefully make a better profit for the client.

In the end, Google Challenge allowed for students to learn how to work professionally with a team and with a client. It fostered creative development and allowed for non-for-profit companies to receive marketing and advertising help with no cost. “Non-for-profits need and deserve our help,” Dr. Spaid said, and this is how Marquette is able to give it to them. In the future, Google Challenge will still be a project for the Digital Marketing class, continuing to give students real-world experiences that will help them grow and non-for-profit companies the help they deserve.


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