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Course Objectives Related to Service Learning:

Effective Physicians and Physician Assistants need to not only be able to understand medical processes and disease control and prevention, they need to be able to work closely with their patients to develop relationships of trust and open communication. In order to administer the highest quality of care, health care delivery needs to integrate the needs, beliefs, characteristics, and experiences of the patient. A culturally sensitive lens will allow a provider to frame the patients's presenting problem in a way that makes more sense for the patient, and this will allow for a treatment plan that will consider the strengths and barriers that a patient is facing. Service Learning in this course will serve as a mini-field placement, allowing students to build relationships with patients, to see the delivery of health care first hand, and to understand the social obstacles that create barriers to health.

As such, performing service learning in this course will allow students to work in a medical setting in order to:

1. Gain important cultural competency working with patient populations different from them.

2. Analyze health care delivery in a real-life setting to begin access how cultural sensitivity and culturally empathetic care should look in medical practice.

3. Understand how barriers within the social environment serve as determinates to health.

4. Critically reflect on personal bias and stereotypes that could create barriers when working with diverse patients.

Course and site listing for Makky/Maloney/Jensen Bohat

BISC 4931: Practice Cases in Medicine

Sign-Up Procedure: Students will sign-up early for their placement site. Students will receive a document with contact information and other important instructions before they start their service. Student Coordinators will keep students updated on any paperwork and orientation sessions before the start of their service.


Agency/Organization Name: Milwaukee Center for Independence

Address: 2020 West Wells Street-Milwaukee, WI 53233

Description of Job/Responsibilities: This experience allows service learners to work in a private school for children ages 4 to 20 who are living with special health care needs, including complex medical conditions. Wells Street Academy is unique in that the services provided allows students being served to receive much needed medical care while also engaging in structured educational curriculum. Service learners assigned to Wells Street will work in a classroom setting shadowing medical staff, assisting as needed while also supporting the needs of the classroom teacher. Daily routines include reading, hand over hand activities, medical supports, and outdoor activities.

Days and Times of Service: Monday thru Friday, one student per day in two hour rotations from 8am until 12 noon or 2pm until 4pm. Note: There are no available times of service between 12pm and 2pm.

Number of Students: 5

Site Orientation: Check with Student Coordinator regarding orientation date


Agency/Organization Name: St. Ann Intergenerational Center-Bucyrus Campus (North)

Address: 2450 W. North Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53205

Description of Job/Responsibilities:

Days and Times of Service: Our campus is open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-12:30pm (tentative).

Number of Students: 1-4

Site Orientation: Students will schedule an orientation with site contact directly.


Agency/Organization Name: City on a Hill

Address: 2224 W. Kilbourn Ave.,Milwaukee, WI 53233

Description of Job/Responsibilities: Students will assist with City on a Hill’s monthly health outreach program. This health program provides a more holistic approach to healthcare. Assist with the screening of patients for triage and help conduct satisfaction surveys.

Days and Times of Service: The monthly health outreach program is held on the 2nd Saturday. For the spring 2018 semester, the monthly health outreach programs are on the following dates: February 10 (9am-4pm), March 10 (10am-4pm), and April 14 (10am-4pm). Students are expected to work the entire shift during the monthly health outreach program.

Number of students: 4

Site Orientation: Orientation is Saturday, February 10 at 9am. Students should report to City On A Hill in room 106 to have an hour long overview of City On A Hill’s organization, mission and service. There will also be volunteer forms to fill out.


Agency/Organization Name: Aurora St. Luke’s South Shore Medical Center

Address: 5900 S Lake Drive, Cudahy, 53110

Description of Job/Responsibilities:The Hospital Elder Life Program is a new service provided by Aurora St. Luke’s-South Shore Medical Center to improve the hospital experience of older patients. A team of staff makes sure older adults get the special consideration they need to get the best results from their hospital stay. The team includes an Elder Life Specialist, Geriatric Nurse Specialist, and Geriatrician (physician), and specially trained volunteers. This team works with regular hospital staff to meet the needs of these older adults. Students would help the staff with the following activities:

Days and Times of Service: Student must commit to at least one 3-hour shift a week the entire spring semester. Shifts that need to be covered are 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, or 3pm-6pm.

Number of Students: 4-5

Site Orientation Instructions:  Please Choose One and RSVP to Michelle Tisljar ASAP. This should be done no later than January 28th.

Location of Orientations: Rapkin Auditorium (Rapkin Auditorium is located at 950 N. 12th St. Building A. This building is directly across the street from the Main Hospital Entrance.)

Specific instructions for orientation:



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