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NURS 6244: Health Promotions Across the Life-Span

Students will sign up in groups of 2-3 and appoint a group leader to set up the first meeting with organization. Contact Alexis Rhodes with any questions or concerns –

Please note there are two sections for this course, Section 101 (Distance Learning) and Section 701. For Section 101, organizations are located in Kenosha. For Section 701, organizations are located in Milwaukee.

NURS 6244: Health Promotion Across the Life Span (Section: 101)

Agency/Organization Name: Aurora Health Care

Contact: Becca Torgerson or Laurie Couillard

Phone: Becca 262-948-6755 or Laurie 262-857-5634

Email: or


Address: 10400 75th St. Kenosha, WI 53142

Description of Agency (Brief 1-2 paragraphs): At Aurora Health Care, we put people first. That’s why patients are at the very heart of everything we do. In fact, our purpose is to help people – just like you – live well. Aurora Health Care is an integrated, not-for-profit, and all-for-people health care provider serving communities throughout eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Our approach keeps people in our minds and at the heart of everything we do. We treat each person as a person, not as a patient, an illness or an appointment.

Aurora got its start in 1984 when two established Milwaukee hospitals, St. Luke's Medical Center and Good Samaritan Medical Center, came together to form Aurora Health Care. Over the years, our organization grew, allowing us to help more people and communities.

Today we serve communities throughout eastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois, with 15 hospitals, more than 150 clinics and 70 pharmacies in 30 communities. We strive to offer services that are close to home, and help make the whole community healthier.

Population: 1st grade students

Description of Project/Presentations: We have a mini medics program on Wednesdays 9-11AM where local 1st grade classrooms come to learn about several topics. They get a wheelchair ride, meet and learn about a pet therapy dog, discuss healthy eating choices, learn about dental hygiene, get to see germs on their hands with special gel and a black light, and much more. We have some dates where we need help with the dental presentation portion. The kids come in small groups (usually 4-6) depending on the size of the class and rotate stations. We mainly discuss the importance of teeth brushing They then get a snack before leaving, usually we use that time to talk about smoking. The Wednesdays we have open are: March 4th, April 25th, May 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th.


Agency/Organization Name: ELCA Outreach Center

Contact:Karl Erickson

Phone: 262-652-5545



Address: 6218 26th Ave, Kenosha WI 53143

Description of Agency(Brief 1-2 paragraphs): The mission of the ELCA Outreach Center is to share God's love by addressing the needs of children, youth and adults through programs and services that encourage them to become self-sufficient, caring and participating members of the community. We try to help people get back on their feet while sharing God’s love. Attached is a list of our programs and services.

Population:Adults generally over the age of 25 up to 80 years old. Half male and half female. Many clients are diagnosed with some sort of mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Description of Project/Presentations Needed:


Agency/Organization Name: Brookside Care Center

Contact: Laurie Ford,Interim Life Enrichment Director

Phone: 262-653-3834



Address: 3506 Washington Rd, Kenosha Wi 53144

Description of Agency (Brief 1-2 paragraphs): We are a county nursing home facility for long term care, as well as short term care for those who are in need of therapeutic rehabilitation.

Population: Skilled Nursing, Memory Care, Long Term Seniors

Description of Project/Presentations (preferred topics): We would enjoy presentations on exercise, meditation, and nutrition for the elderly.


Agency/Organization Name: Kenosha Senior Center

Contact: Denise Jacob

Phone: 262-359-6117



Address: 2717 67th StreetKenosha, WI 53143

Description of Agency (Brief 1-2 paragraphs): The Kenosha Senior Center provides recreational activities, informational programming and acts as a resource center for older adults. Recreational activities include exercise classes, computer classes, art, dancing, tai chi, yoga, swimming, ceramics, movies, cards, bingo, crafts, chorus, darts, billiards and woodworking. The Center takes several day trips a year to baseball games, lunch cruises, shopping trips and dinner theatres. Informational programs include presentations by representatives from the Department of Aging, college students and local Senior Service Organizations. Services offered at the Senior Center include the AARP Tax-Aide Program, where area seniors can get their taxes done free of charge, blood pressure checks and monthly dances open to the senior public. We are also a meal site for the Kenosha County Nutrition Program, serving hot lunches to seniors Monday through Friday at a low cost.

Population: 1,200 members

Description of Project/Presentations: Aerobics, meditation, falls prevention, healthy eating, health topics, etc. We are open to whatever a student wants to present.


NURS 6244: Health Promotion Across the Life Span (Section: 701)

Agency/Organization Name: Penfield Children's Center

Contact: Patricia Newton Powell

Phone: 414-345-6377



Address: 833 N. 26th St. Milwaukee, WI; Enter from parking lot accessed from 26th St. North of Wells Street.

Description of Agency(Brief 1-2 paragraphs): Penfield Children's Center is one of Wisconsin's leading providers of early education and intervention for young children (ages infant to 6), serving 1600 children annually. We are located just down the street from Marquette University, and have a robust volunteer program with Marquette students. Penfield offers occupational, physical, speech and behavioral therapy for children, has classroom weekday educational programming and has a Special Care Nursery for children with intense medical needs, supervised by RN's; we also have community outreach, and with Kohl's Corporation's Building Blocks Program, we offer community education about understanding differences. 80% of the children we serve have a diagnosis of a special need. Over 90% come from homes below the US poverty level, with half in extreme poverty. Our aim is to give all children the best start possible, while we celebrate our 51st year in 2018.

Population:Children infant to 6 from the MU area. Audience mainly 2-4 yrs old

Description of Project/Presentations: Present to 30-40 young children, ages 2-4 in a large open room. Presentations about things like tooth brushing, hand washing, exercise, healthy snacks, healthy eating, importance of drinking water,blowing noses, not picking them, safety presentations etc.! They have very short attention spans and do not read letters yet, so no posters, videos with just writing. Active things like making the snack, doing the exercises, a tooth brushing dance, simple games for all etc. work great. Videos are good if they can do the activity/exercise with the video and you. They lose attention and start getting off task if you try to read a book to a large group or if only one or two are participating etc. They love plays, or any activity they can all do, and absorb knowledge better that way. Take homes, like a picture card reminder, etc. are good.


Agency/Organization Name: St. Ann’s Intergenerational Care Center- Bucyrus (North)

Contact: Monica Yarn

Phone: 414-210-2432



Address: 2450 W. North Ave

Description of Agency (Brief 1-2 paragraphs): Child/Adult Daycare facility that specializes in intergenerational care.

Population: 150 Adults 18 and up and 135 children 6month-12years are enrolled at St. Ann Center- Bucyrus. Only about 50 total expected during presentation

Description of Project/Presentations: Students can present on the following topics-


Agency/Organization Name: COA Youth & Family Centers

Contact: Laura Lysaght (Current office hours are Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:00am – 3:00pm.)

Phone: (414) 290-7871



Address: Main Office: 909 E. North Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53212 / Project Site: 2320 W. Burleigh Street, Milwaukee, WI 53206

Description of Agency (Brief 1-2 paragraphs): COA's mission is to help Milwaukee children, teens, and families reach their greatest potential through a continuum of educational, recreational, and social work programs offered at its two urban community centers, rural camp facility, and partnering Milwaukee Public Schools. COA’s philosophy is that the best way to achieve positive outcomes for youth is through a family-centered approach that engages parents in their child’s education, growth, and development. This philosophy is woven through COA's entire programming continuum, which is comprised of three core focus areas: Early Child Development (0-6 years old), Youth Development (7-18 years old) and Community Development. COA was founded in 1906, and our programs serve over 10,000 children and families each year. All programs are inclusive, and provided regardless of the participant's ability to pay.

Population: COA’s Goldin Center serves approximately 2,500 people annually, most of which are residents of the surrounding Amani neighborhood (zip code 53206).
- 59% of children in the 53206 zip code surrounding the Goldin Center live below the federal poverty level
- 44.6% of individuals live below the federal poverty level
- 46.5% Male
- 53.5% Female
- 94.7% Black or African-American
- 2.7% Hispanic or Latino
- 2.2% White
- 9.3% of population under 5 years of age
- 32.9% of population is under 18 years of age
- 67.1% of population is over 18

Description of Project/Presentations: Our families would benefit from health presentations on either lead or oral/bodily hygiene.


Agency/Organization Name: Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic

Contact: Sally Smaida and Steve Ohly

Phone: 414-225-4217


Website: NA

Address: 150 E. Bruce Street Milwaukee, WI

Description of Agency(Brief 1-2 paragraphs): Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic is an urban health clinic, predominantly serving a population of Hispanic of uninsured patients. Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic also has a refugee program that screens new refugees and help them get up todate on their health requirements for living in the United States as well as their often built up health needs after living in refugee camps.

Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic has approximately 12 specialty providers who volunteer their time to see patients on site including an ENT, cardiologist, dermatologist, urologist, neurologist and orthopedic doctor. Those patients needing further care arereferred through the Milwaukee County wide Specialty Access for the UninsuredProgram into the Aurora system. Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic is the largest free clinic in Wisconsin.

Population: 85 percent of our patients are Spanish speaking only.

Description of Project/Presentations: Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic has a wonderful hard working staff who manage many stressors in their work and personal lives. Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic wants to keep them up to date on nutritional education for their own health and also for the health of their patients (all deliveredwithout seeming judgmental or prescriptive).

*Preferred Spanish Speakers Only*


Agency/Organization Name: International Learning Center (ILC)

Contact: Cynthia Zarazua

Phone: (414) 344-4777


Website: (Also check out the International Learning Center Facebook Page)

Address: Central United Methodist Church, 639 N 25th St, Milwaukee, WI

Description of Agency(Brief 1-2 paragraphs): The purpose of the International Learning Center is to provide English language and communication skills to Southeast Asian and African adult refugees who have had little or no prior education in their own country. Most students function at a 4th grade reading level or lower. A primary goal is to help students regain their self-sufficiency and become contributing members of the community. The curriculum emphasizes practical life skills and job readiness. Students are taught to speak, read, and write at a level required to perform such tasks as filling out job applications, making appointments, finding a job, going to doctor's appointments, and attending a parent-teacher conference.

Regular program activities include English classes from entry to Pre-GED levels, helping in the math lab and computer lab, tutoring, and bilingual assistance. In the computer lab, students learn basic word processing and practice skills using educational software.

Population: Refugee population

Description of Project/Presentations: ILC is looking for presentations centered on dental health and healthy function and use of muscles. Many of their students work in factories, so presentations on bending and movement to prevent injury would help. Students who sign up to work with ILC, must first observe a class (at least 25-30mins) to help them better understand the population and prepare their presentation.


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