Reflection is an integral part of Service Learning and attendance to at least one reflection session is HIGHLY encouraged.

Check with your professor to find out if you are required to attend a reflection session. You are welcome to attend as many sessions as you would like. Mark your calendars now and be sure to save the date for the topic(s) that spark your interest. These reflections are specifically geared towards service learning experiences.

Attendance is taken at each reflection session and given to professors at the end of the semester.

*If you arrive more than 15 minutes late or leave more than 15 minutes early for any reason your attendance will not be counted.*

Reflection Session Descriptions (Microsoft Word Format)

Reserve your spot for reflection sessions using the Eventbrite link below:


Spring 2018 Reflection Sessions

Introduction to Service Learning and our Milwaukee Community

Individual Choice or Historic Denial?

Violence and the Media

Poverty Unpacked

Closer Look: Mental Health

Career Pathways Beyond Service Learning

What's Your Story?

Attendance will be recorded and provided to professors at the end of the semester.


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