Round Table



Back to the Drawing Board:

Annual Round Table Luncheon 2015 Unites Faculty and Community Partners

By Anna Concannon

The Annual Round Table Luncheon unites Marquette faculty and community partners to engage in conversation about what they have in common: Service Learners. This year’s topic was called “Service Learning in a Segregated City.” Assistant Director Tyanna McLaurin introduced the event by sharing an overview of the program and what it means to the agencies that students serve, as well as the impact the experience has on students.

Keynote speaker Reverend Steve Jerbi from Milwaukee’s All Peoples Church shared his thoughts about the still-existing white supremacy and the violence in Milwaukee. He called the audience to radicalize students from the roots, in the sense of bringing everyone together and igniting their passion to serve.

Lunch and table discussions followed, which were facilitated by the student staff. The conversation revolved around the “What? So what? Now what?” model to think about ways community partners and faculty prepare students for service, engage in discussion, and help students think critically about their service. Faculty and community partners discussed what students know and don’t know, why it’s important to discuss social issues, and what they can do to better prepare students for their service in the Milwaukee community.

As McLaurin said, this event brought us “back to the drawing board,” bringing together the pieces of the Service Learning Program to critically think about how we can improve this transformative experience for students.



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