Independence First
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Indepdence First


540 S 1st Street


Limit: 5 students

Contact: Anna Feeley

Phone: 414-226-8334 Email:

Address:540 S. 1st Street

Transportation: (From Marquette University)

Approximate travel time by bus: 15-20 minutes

Approximate travel time by car: 6-8 minutes

Days/Hours of Operation: Monday, Tuesday, and Friday 10am-2pm.


Description of Agency/Activities: Independence First is Metro Milwaukee'sFIRSTresource when people have questions regarding access and disability. We offer over 20 Programs & Services to people with disabilities of all kinds, in all age groups and provide programs on disability awareness and access to the general community. Over 50% of our staff, managers and Board have disabilities themselves and this peer approach leads to excellent outcomes.

Student Role at Agency:

Students will work alongside veteran volunteers in the Computer Recycling Program to help other veterans work on computers, help refurbish computers, and assist with giving out refurbished computers to people with low-income and disabilities. Students will choose a day and a two hour time block between 10am-2pm:

Mondays (2 students)

Tuesday (1 student)

Friday (2 students)

Orientation: Contact Anna Feely to set up an orientation. All paperwork/volunteer applications will be given to students at orientation.



Contact Us

Marquette University Service Learning
P.O. Box 1881
1102 W. Wisconsin Ave. Room 303
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1881

Phone Number: (414) 288-0250
Fax Number: (414) 288-3259

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